Dryvit is a pioneer in the EIFS industry, having introduced the highly successful Exterior Insulation and Finish Systems in North America in 1969. Here at Stella Management, we specialize in the installation of EIFS. Their Outsulation® system is a high-performance cladding solution for commercial and residential buildings, offering a wide range of system configurations to suit any climate or building condition, as well as various textures and colors to meet architects’ design needs. Dryvit products adorn more than one in eleven commercial buildings in the US.

Dryvit’s commitment to research and development has kept them ahead of the curve in the EIFS industry for over 40 years. The brand is renowned for its innovative products and systems and its unwavering commitment to strict manufacturing standards, resulting in unparalleled consistency and quality. Dryvit is the only EIFS manufacturer with all five of its North American production facilities, the gold standard for worldwide product consistency, quality, and environmental stewardship.

With production facilities in Canada and Poland, Dryvit is a global leader in the industry, providing beautiful and high-performing buildings worldwide. There’s no question that Dryvit is the premier choice for EIFS systems.

Master Wall

Master Wall® is a trusted manufacturer of high-quality exterior insulation and finish systems (EIFS) for both residential and commercial projects. Stella Management takes pride in being a part of a well-established industry, capable of meeting your needs while still providing personalized services.

Since their beginning in December 1987, Master Wall® has had a goal to manufacture the best quality products at a competitive price, backed by knowledgeable employees who are committed to providing exceptional service. Master Wall® achieves this goal through their trusted mission statement, which outlines their commitment to manufacturing top-quality EIFS and related products, becoming leaders in the industry through exceptional service, and maintaining honesty and integrity within their ranks.

Master Wall® also prioritizes employees’ growth and development, providing them with the education, training, and support they need to set high standards for their careers and personal lives. As an independent, privately owned American manufacturer, Master Wall® prioritizes building long-lasting relationships with customers rather than just making a sale. Contractors continue to return and use Master Wall® because their products consistently exceed their expectations.